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In a Bucktown Starbucks in the late 2000’s, Jay Sebben noticed everyone facedown on mobile, ignoring the sign pleading for information about a recent area crime. “How do we get that sign onto their phones, so if they can help, they’ll know how.”

Partnering with Technical Co-Founder, Pinaki Saha, Crowdfind rolled out the platform of Lost and Found. Crowdfind goes beyond personal items to event venues. With the help of Navy Pier, Crowdfind rebuilt their platform to include security combined with enterprise and twenty four seven easy to use lost and found web pages.

Tens of thousands of successful returns later, Crowdfind is now in use across the country at Navy Pier, Coachella, Live Nation Venues, Lollapalooza and Chicago Marathon. Crowdfind is the premier lost and found software service provider.

Thet Soe

“DineHero – Never Eat Alone” – Thet Soe

DineHero starting in the dining room. Chicago-based developer Thet Soe was eating alone on a business trip and was inspired with if he could get to know one or two persons with every meal, his network would grow in the week of his business trip.

With a team of Chicago-based developers Thet co-founded DineHero, the network app connecting professionals over a meal. Think of DineHero as ‘face-to-face’ LinkedIn meets Yelp. “Before DineHero, there was no app that helped people turn a regular meal into a networking opportunity in a restaurant or a company cafeteria.”

Networking is often like looking for a needle in a haystack. DineHero is for companies, associations and professionals. Browse and join events on an interactive map. Everyone eats every day, DineHero turns your meal into a networking opportunity.

Binta Diallo

Internal Archives – Binta Diallo

The founder of Internal Archives, Binta Diallo, a first generation millennial is compassionate towards others yet she wasn’t as empathetic towards herself. Years of asking questions, “Who am I, beyond my skin color,” and negative self talk led her down a rocky journey to self-love and discovery. Along her journey, she came across many people also uncomfortable being themselves.

Binta describes Internal Archives as the hidden contents of a person’s cultural identity. The constant battle to adhere to societal norms, and remain true to who we are, and the memories stored that mold each of us into the people we are today. Internal Archives mission is to serve as a resource platform to empower millennials of color and to embrace what makes them unique.

Internal Archives also wants its readers to become comfortable with their identities and to promote self love, cultural awareness, and personal professional development. Within its short existence Internal Archives has been able to inspire people around the world.

Trending Above – Alyssa Bove

TrendingAbove is a statement jewelry company that combines glitz and glam with an edge.

TrendingAbove social media accounts showcase the versatility of the pieces- showing style tips to accessorize an outfit ranging from casual look to a bridal party. TrendingAbove pieces are sold through, select boutiques and at various Pop Up events across the U.S.

Designer, Alyssa Bove graduated from Miami University with a major in Architecture and a minor in Studio Art (focus in painting). While in college, she started applying architectural design elements to jewelry. TrendingAbove is now based in Chicago and recently expanded into retailing clothing that style well with TrendingAbove top sellers.

Podcast Brunch Club – Adela Mizrachi

Adela Mizrachi is the founder of Podcast Brunch Club (PBC). PBC is like book club, but for podcasts and is comprised of a global community of engaged podcast listeners. Every month PBC selects a theme and curates a list of three to five podcast episodes that apply to that theme. PBC then brings people together in person to discuss the monthly listening list.

Podcast Brunch Club aims to address two major pain points: podcast listening is a solitary experience and person-to-person interactions have become more difficult as technology has pervaded everyday life. That’s why conversation and dialog are at the heart of the Podcast Brunch Club. There are now chapters in over twenty-five cities across four continents. While the core of PBC centers around the in-person chapter meetings, there are also opportunities to continue the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.