About Bloggers Meet Startups



Bloggers the pulse of the movement of content through the web. Bringing the message of the startup.


Meet and connect with people. Grow your business, online and offline.


The momentum of starting a business begins when you share your idea with the community.

Our Story

Bloggers Meet Startups was an idea that emerged because the Web invented bloggers, and commerce invented entrepreneurs.


The entrepreneur has to promote a business. Learning the ropes of PR and people is ongoing. Marketing and presenting your business is a challenge.  How do you measure up?


Connecting to other people is vital. A business without people, isn’t a business. It’s a floating idea without expression. Networking today is easier than it has been. Technology can tie you up in knots, but with help and advice in an online community you can find your way. The BMS Community offers you a place to ask questions. Try out your latest idea online and then present it in front of an audience.

An absolute must if you want to get known. The PR experience brings you to a digital publishing platform and an in-person presentation. How do you know when to hold back information and when to show and tell. Your first step is to experiment in front of a live audience.