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Getting started

Participating in Bloggers Meet Startups is both fun and rewarding!

Be inspired. Meet with entrepreneurs and other like-minded individuals.

Collaborate to help everyone grow.

Getting started is easy, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1 Sign up for an account

Sign up for a Bloggers Meet Startups account.

BMS community members enjoy first right access to information about upcoming events. You get the inside information before everyone else. Our online community connects you with others in the field. We have discussions and online events. It helps when you ask questions and get answers from people who know.  We also pull from our online community for featured startups and bloggers to pitch at our meetup events. [Join BMS]

Step 2 Tell everyone what you’re all about!

Share what you’re working on or what you blog about so the community can start to connect you with other like-minded individuals that can collaborate and advise. We’re building an online and offline communication.  Join the Bloggers Group or the Startups Group.

Step 3 Attend a Bloggers Meet Startups Meetup!

Every month, Bloggers Meet Startups organizes Meetups where members can attend and pitch their ideas, website or startup in person! Get instant feedback from other attendees. Make friends, and network. Become known in the community. You never know when your next big client introduces themselves to you after you presented your startup at one of the meetups.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I’m not a blogger or a startup?

No problem! We can help you learn how to blog! Come to the meetup and meet other bloggers. Learn how to set up a WordPress blog, visit our other website Content Academy to see the scheduled workshops.

How to do I become a featured presenter?

Become a member and share what you’re all about.  Go here to the Get Featured page and tell us about your startup business.

Can’t always attend but I would like to help!

You’re awesome!  Just help spread the word by either blogging, tweeting or just sending this link to someone you know who might be interested. Thank you!

I want to ask something else:

Other questions? Contact us!




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